Moritz Schlick position in the field of “Metaphysics, Ontology, and/or Philosophy of Language and Logic.”

9. September 2022

Job Description

The Moritz Schlick early-career programme (MSECP) at the University of Vienna supports early-stage postdocs with high potential for an academic career. Participants in the programme receive outstanding financial support as well as training and mentoring to allow them to develop their full potential. Moritz Schlick early-career Postdoc Programm (

1. General Description (research group)
The position is affiliated with Prof. Benjamin Schnieder’s Chair of Theoretical Philosophy and his research group Phlox ( The group has a rich history of activities, such as conferences, graduate workshops, summer schools, fundraising, and international research collaborations.
The successful candidate for this position will get the opportunity to tap into the existing resources and networks. In turn, it will be expected that candidates actively participate in activities of Phlox and to come up with their own ideas for future activities, lending impulses to the development of the group.

2. Job Description for the Moritz Schlick position
AOS Metaphysics, Ontology, and/or Philosophy of Language and Logic
AOC Open
Candidates for this position must specialize in some contemporary debates in areas mentioned as AOS, and/or in the history of philosophy pertaining to those areas.
The candidate’s research interests should preferably have some significant overlap with those of Schnieder and/or other members of his group, so as to foster fruitful collaboration, including co-authoring of papers and applying for third-party funding. Candidates are asked to explain in their applications where they see potential for joint research with Phlox.
Research interests relevant to Schnieder’s current projects are welcome, but they’re not required if other overlap of interests exists. Two ongoing projects deal with (i) metaphysical grounding and fundamentality and (ii) the theoretical philosophy of Bernard Bolzano and its Leibnizian roots. See:
The duties of the post-holder (with very rough estimates of time allocation) comprise
a teaching load of 4 hours per week (~25% working time)
the participation in the activities of the research group, as well as some engagement in departmental committees etc. (~25% working time)
their own research (~50% working time).
In this position, a one-time financial contribution of € 50K will be made.

3. Qualification profile (minimum)
Ph.D. in philosophy.
Excellent publication records commensurate with their career stage. Peer-reviewed publications in top international journals are expected.
Excellence in teaching. Available evidence should be specified in the application (e.g. evaluations; awards; designed courses).
Willingness to be an active member of a research group, to engage in collaborative research, to organize events, and to write joint funding applications.
Preferably: Record of active participation in research groups. Please state evidence of pertinent experience, e.g. with funding applications, research projects, etc.

4. Qualification profile (additional skills, necessary language, IT qualifications etc.)
Excellent mastery of English.
Knowledge of German is welcome, but not a necessary condition for the application. Classes may be taught in English, but knowledge of German will be beneficial for participation in departmental meetings etc. So candidates must be willing to acquire basic academic German language skills within two years.
Experience with committee work and other departmental affairs.

5. Research Fields (keywords)
AOS Metaphysics, Ontology, and/or Philosophy of Language and Logic
AOC Open

6. Application Material
The following additional material are to be included in applications for this position:
Motivation letter
Teaching statement (up to 2 pages), explaining the candidate’s view on teaching, methods, and on preferences for courses to be taught in the position.
Writing sample (not more than 10.000 words)

7. Mentor
The additional mentor for this position is Paulina Sliwa.

8. Earliest Start Date:
June, 2023.

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