Moritz Schlick early-career Postdoc Programm – Protein Chemistry

9. September 2022

Job Description

Protein Chemistry

The Moritz Schlick early-career programme (MSECP) at the University of Vienna supports early-stage postdocs with high potential for an academic career. Participants in the programme receive outstanding financial support as well as training and mentoring to allow them to develop their full potential. Moritz Schlick early-career Postdoc Programm (

1. General Description (research group)
Headed by Christian F.W. Becker, the Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC) ( is one of the largest centers for peptide and protein chemistry in Austria (founded in 2011). It combines chemical approaches, such as solid phase peptide synthesis, with biotechnological approaches in order to produce site-specifically modified proteins and protein-polymer conjugates.

2. Job Description for the Moritz Schlick position
The Becker group at the Institute of Biological Chemistry seeks an enthusiastic postdoc with experience in peptide and/or protein chemistry and/or in generating affinity based probes for elucidating the impact of non-enzymatic posttranslational modifications (nPTMs) in protein folding and neurodegenerative diseases. Modifications such as glycation, carbonylation, nitration and carbamylation are induced by the reaction of small metabolites with free reactive groups of protein sidechains, and are heavily under-investigated on the level of protein structure and function.
Active participation in research, teaching and administration is expected. This includes the development of an independent research profile based on active participation in conferences, preparation of publications, applications for third-party funding as well as teaching and supervision of students and involvement in teaching and research administration.
In this position, a one-time financial contribution of € 100K will be made available.

3. Qualification profile (minimum)
The candidate should hold a Doctoral degree/PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry or related fields and have at least 2 years of experience with peptide synthesis and/or protein chemistry and/or synthetic organic chemistry. Ability to work in a team. Excellent command of written and spoken English.

4. Qualification profile (additional skills, necessary language, IT qualifications etc.)
Experience in teaching, supervision of students and university administration.
Publications in peer-reviewed journals.

5. Research Fields (keywords)
Protein chemistry, peptide synthesis, chemical biology, organic synthesis

6. Mentor
The additional mentor for this position is Thomas Böttcher.

7. Earliest Start Date:
September, 2023.

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