Veterinarian Live Stock sector 30-40h/week

19. Feber 2023
2.500 - 3.500
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Job Description

The TIERÄRZTE SCHIESSL OG have been providing care to farms for almost 70 years. Modern farm animal medicine, treatment methods and closeness to both the animal and its owner are the order of the day for us. In order to be able to continue to care for our customers in the quality to which they are accustomed, we are looking for
for our LIVESTOCK ANIMAL SECTOR an VETERINARIAN Employment: 30-40 hours per week

– Curative activity (mainly cattle, but also small ruminants, alpacas, horses, small animals, …)
– Stock care of dairy and fattening farms (fertility management, prophylactic measures, …)
– holiday and weekend duties (duty roster available) – regular training
Required education, qualifications and knowledge
– Degree in veterinary medicine
– Ruminant specializing
– Driving license B
Other desirable qualifications and skills
– Interestandenjoymentinanimalmedicine
– Team spirit,diligence,flexibility
– Friendlycustomerrelationship
– BasicEDPknowledge(operationofpracticesoftware)
What we offer
– establishedmixedpractice(careofapprox.250dairyfarms)
– Varied,interestingcases
– Young team , friendly Wirkung climatw ,collegial Exchange
-Moderndiagnostics(ultrasound,bloodlaboratory,parasitology,bak,x-ray,…) – Goodgeographicallocation(nearSt.PöltenandVienna)
– safe employer
– Duty schedule (consideration of individual wishes)

– Paid Training
– Possibilityofpart-timeworkafter2yearsoffulltime employment – Numerousattractive fringebenefits, including a minimum salary
Minimum salary
Secure starting salary: 2500 net (14 salaries/year), in addition to basic salary weekend and holiday bonuses, dirty work bonus)
Salary may vary depending on work experience and qualifications.


We look forward to receiving your application, preferably by e-mail to
Contact for further information
Wolfgang Schießl T +43 2723 20080

Bahnhofstraße 9, 3203 Rabenstein
Am Schlosspark 16, 3233 Kilb
Tel. +43 2723 20080
Tel. +43 2748 7339