Senior Data Engineer

17. April 2023
5.500 - 6.500
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The company creates solutions covering all types of pricing use cases in online, offline, omnichannel, mono- or multi-brand retail. Whether you need to get a 360 maker view, reduce repricing time & efforts, or set prices based on demand patterns and sales cross-impacts.

• Design, build, extend, and maintain data pipelines and unified integration ETL
• Scale the data pipeline throughput using applicable instruments
• Introduce and adopt new instruments, technologies and their combinations that will allow the company to scale the data processing speed and performance in a cost-efficient way

• Proven experience in building data processing pipelines
• Experience with workflow automation tools (AirFlow, Prefect, Luigi, etc.)- RDBMS, Column-oriented DBMS (writing queries, db architecture building, administration, etc.)
• Apache Spark-
• Strong core Python knowledge

Pleasant extras:
• ClickHouse
• Apache Kafka
• CDC (e.g. WAL, Debezium, Kafka)
• ksqlDB
• Spark SQL
• Argo Workflows
• GCP: BigQuery, Dataproc, Data Fusion, DataFlow
• Meaningful work in an agile team of engineers, who turn business ideas into software solutions
• Freedom to choose the best suitable technologies to deliver the solution (even if it’s not in the product yet)
• Want to learn? Competera loves that and is eager to cover 60% of your training/courses fee
• Fair payout with regular performance-based reviews and stock options plan for top performers-
• Remote-first ideology even after the pandemic and the war
• Working hours that adapt to your biorhythm
• Paid vacation & sick leaves (20 business days each) + 15 days off
• Partial medical insurance coverage