15. April 2022
480 - 1.700
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We are a household of two full time working adults, and our four kids. In order to keep our household, family and garden clean, tidy and running we are looking for a person with lots of energy and fitness, a positive attitude and experience in running a household properly. The tasks include cleaning surfaces, washing/ ironing clothes, tidying up the kids rooms, helping with the kids, preparing meals, shopping food, etc. We offer a part or full time job, including 14 monthly salaries, 5 weeks of holidays, full Austrian insurance cover of you and your children (sickness, accidents, pension, etc) in a lovely household located in Burgenland close to lake Neusiedl, Parndorf, 40 minutes from Vienna (by train or car).
If you are interested in the job we offer we are looking forward to meeting you in person soon.