EYE DOCTOR at LASEK Clinic on Park Avenue in NYC, this is for an eye doctor or eye surgeon!

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if you are an eye doctor, either a surgeon or non-surgeon from ukraine, we have hired 2 ukrainian eye doctors, both of whom you can speak to as references, 1 worked for 1 year and 1 worked for 6 years before the war, if you are not a surgeon you will be paid $1000 per week, if you are a surgeon and have experience performing LASIK or PRK you can make up to $2000 per week, but you must be 100% fluent in both written and spoken english without a heavy accent, we will sponsor your u4u visa, we prefer if you do not have children as we aren’t paying enough for you to easily support a family in nyc, but if you’re willing to live 1 hour away and commute by train then we are paying enough for you to support 1 child, if you are not a surgeon and we pay you $1000 per week you are allowed to live for free in a very basic studio apartment in the basement of our office on Park Avenue in Manhattan, this way you will have lots of extra money to spend, save, or send back home, if you choose to live outside of the office $50,000 a year isn’t that much in manhattan and again you will have to live 30-45 minutes away by train for it to be affordable, you must have a sincere desire to master refractive surgery and not just want a job because the owner/surgeon wants to retire, so you can get a physician’s assistant license, and then be allowed to see patients and operate with your own license and medical malpractice insurance, in which case you would be paid $3000-$4000 per week, depending how independent you can see patients and if they trust you to perform their surgery and you can „close“ the customers, ie convince them to have LASEK by you, so you must be comfortable in the sales aspect of elective self-pay surgery, it is helpful if you like to perform research as we do publish papers and attend both ASCRS and ESCRS but this is not mandatory