Heurigen Schlossberg GmbH

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About Company

The Heurigen of the family Wertek was opened in 2009 and impressed not only through the size and location itself but also through the high quality wines. Immediately after its opening, the Heurigen Schlossberg was included to the „Top Heurigen“. Nevertheless, the requirements and quality specifications for the inclusion of the “Top Heurigen” award are very high.

The Heurigen Schlossberg offers a wide range of various guest rooms. So, the children´s lounge is very popular with young families and the “Vöslauer Stüberl” is perfect for a cozy evening at the Heurigen for two.The wintergarden with its view to the vineyards invites people to stay and have a nice evening at the restaurant. In the summer season the garden is a paradise and the perfect place to enjoy your wines.

A rich selection of cold and hot dishes made with regional ingredients and home-made pastry specialties complete the offer.

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