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About Company

I’m a software developer that escaped from Ukraine to Croatia.
I wish to relocate to Austria.

I spent more than 15 months learning C# plus 4 months working with JAVA.

„A long story short“ about me:
A month ago I finished a very good Java course that was as close as possible to a real project where we working on a game, called „Who am I“.

In this course, we had 2 developers, 4 QAs, one frontend developer, PM, BA, and mentors, we used tools like Jira, Slack, Git, and others. We used the Scrum development methodology with daily status meetings, sprints, demos, and retrospectives.

Before that Java academy, I worked for almost 2 months (remotely) as a Trainee Full-stack Developer for a small company with an office in Kyiv. But after 24.02.2022 I lost any contact with this firm, they didn’t pay me. Not even sure if this company still exists.

Last year I finished another .NET Bootcamp.

Also, I have experience in Photography, Graphic Design, 2D/3D Art, and Sales.