Biohotel Gralhof

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About Company

Organic Hotel – That´s the Gralhof
Directly at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia.

Organic Dining
Our suppliers wholeheartedly believe in delivering high-quality organic ingredients, and our family believes in handling these ingredients with appreciation, imagination, and skill.
At Gralhof, Wednesday is known as a “free” day — a meat-free day. A day dedicated to conserving resources and lowering our CO2 footprint. A day to make a difference, a day with great flavors straight from nature. We love everything about it.

And because we are proud of what we do, we want to share this: our menus are designed according to seasonal availability, and we use every part of every ingredient — from the root to the stalk and from the tenderloin to the pork belly. Every part of the animal is worthy of being cooked!

Our Own Products
It’s up to us to make things that don’t just taste good but are good, from home-baked bread to jams and sausages or any of the many other quality foods we make ourselves.
And even if we don’t produce something on our own farm, everything we use and serve is equally organic and local — right from the region to your plate.