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Creating the future of mobility – a job for you?

Imagine you are part of a team of specialists who develop the technologies for the future of mobility. The IT solutions you help develop are used by millions of users around the world every day. This could be, for example, the car configurator or the software for processing service procedures in automobile dealerships. Or an app that calculates insurance costs based on the customers‘ driving skills.

How does it feel?

Exciting? Challenging? Challenge accepted? Then we are a perfect match. As Europe’s largest car dealer, we develop the software for the global distribution, sales, service and finance business of the VW Group. Sounds boring and inflexible? It isn´t. We do both: keeping the wheels turning for millions of users all over the world, and maintaining our creativity and curiosity while researching multiple solutions to find the digital answers to the changes in the automotive world.

Yeah, we’re big. But we work in small, agile teams that decide for themselves what is cardinal. We deploy innovative project management methods and work with the latest technologies such as Java, TypeScript, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.